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Canada Greener Homes Grant Program

Book with us to make sure your clients get their EnerGuide evaluation before their install date!


The Canada Greener Homes Grant Program offers up to $5,000 in grants for energy-saving upgrades for homeowners and a subsidized EnerGuide Evaluation, however, the evaluation must be completed before any upgrades are installed.

Please note that the surge in demand for evaluations and shortage of qualified Energy Advisors is causing significant wait times for EnerGuide evaluations.  Don't let this negatively impact your business!  We reserve spots for our contractor partners and prioritize their bookings.  Your clients go right to the top of the list.


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Why Get an EnerGuide Evaluation? 

The Energuide Evaluation is required to participate in the grant program and helps you better understand unusually high energy use in your home and the best efficiency upgrade path so that you can move towards a net-zero building. This evaluation takes approximately 2.5 hours and is subsidized by Natural Resources Canada.  


Who is Eligible? 

Grants are available for primary residences for homeowners across Canada.  A list of eligible upgrades and other program details can be found on the program website.

Cost of the Evaluations? 

The cost of the evaluation depends on where the house is located.  The cost of the pre-upgrade EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation for the average house in some municipalities and provinces is fully subsidized.  The cost of the post-upgrade evaluation also varies by province or municipality. For larger, more complex (3,000 sq. ft. and over), or remote homes an additional charge may apply.  We are happy to provide a quote specific to your location and home size.

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