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We use building science as a tool to implement energy efficiency, building durability, and occupant comfort. Our low-carbon strategies work to lower operating costs, reduce environmental impact and create an enhanced occupant experience.

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Key Services

Large Building Airtightness Testing  

  • Building airtightness is a key performance indicator in determining operational energy efficiency, building durability, and occupant comfort. We’re industry leading experts in successfully working with teams to incorporate airtightness testing as a method of building envelope airtightness verification, quality control, and as a method of continuous improvement as we strive towards high performance structures. Contact us to discuss the feasibility of incorporating airtightness testing into your construction process.

Guarded Airtightness Testing 

  • We understand that performing a whole-building airtightness test may not be feasible or desired. A guarded airtightness testing approach is a method used to isolate and quantify air leakage through just the exterior envelope in a space that also have interior partition walls. .

Adhesion Testing

  • An air barrier system is as strong as its weakest link. Rated air barrier materials are effective at controlling air flow through assemblies and we almost exclusively find air leakage occurring where two air barrier system materials are connected. We rely on this connection to be airtight and we rely on this connection being durable for the service-life of the structure. 

  • We use calibrated equipment to test the adhesion of air barrier system materials to help verify its effectiveness and durability. 

Airtightness Consulting  

  • Achieving airtightness is a performance metric that can’t be purchased but rather needs to be incorporated as a process. This is a process that starts in the initial design phase and will require efforts through to project completion. Of the many factors involved in assemblies an effective air barrier system some of the key factors to consider are what the air barrier system materials are, who’s installing them, when they’re being installed, and how quality control will be monitors. 

  • We work with teams to implement airtightness strategies that help ensure high performance air barrier systems are achieved.

Window Testing

  • Windows and glazing assemblies are an essential part of a building envelope and are often a weak link (or failure point) for air and water leakage. We perform field testing to ensure that the installed units meet the criteria of the laboratory rated performance specifications.

Thermal Bridging Analysis

  • Managing thermal bridging is an important aspect of maintaining effective R-values and reducing the risk of condensation occurring within or on the surface of construction assemblies. We perform thermal bridging analysis on construction and glazing assemblies.

Effective R-Value Calculations for Building Assemblies

  • Construction assemblies on a whole are often derated from the clear wall insulation value due to thermal bridges that are part of the structure. For most accurate energy modeling results we calculate effective R-values for construction assemblies.

Hygrothermal Condensation Risk Analysis

  • A hygrothermal analysis studies the thermodynamic profile of a construction assembly as a whole. The performance is impacted by factors such as the thermal resistance, permeability, and thickness of each component in the assembly. A hygrothermal analysis will assess the risk of dewpoints and condensation in wall assemblies and provide insight into issues such as mold growth and decay.


Sustainability Consulting

  • As we move towards net-zero buildings, we need to incorporate renewable energy systems to make this feasible. Achieving net-zero is a balance of building envelope, mechanical systems, and renewable energy.

  • We provide consulting on which on-site renewable energy systems are available and applicable to your project.

Services are available in the following communities:

Vancouver Island

Victoria, Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Tofino, Parksville, Courtney/Comox, Port Alberni, Port Hardy, Campbell River


Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Red Deer, Calgary

Lower Mainland

Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey,

Langley, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford


Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

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Commercial Portfolio

University of Toronto Daniels Building

Client:  University of Toronto

Date: February, 2020


​Services Rendered: 

  • Whole building airtightness testing

  • Guarded airtightness testings to separate leakage from the existing structure from the new structure.

Ryerson Department of Architectural Science Building 

Client: Ryerson University

Date: November 2018

Services Rendered:

  • Whole building airtightness testing

Teesdale Avenue

Client: University of Toronto

Date: September 2019

Services Rendered:

  • Window and door air leakage evaluation

  • Suite corridor door ventilation investigation. 

  • Compartmentalization airtightness testing

Pauline Public School

Client: West Metro Contracting

Date: July, 2018

Services Rendered:

  • Window air and water leakage evaluation.

Ontario Association of Architects HQ

Client: Ontario Association of Architects

Date: April and October, 2019

Services Rendered:

  • Construction-phase airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services. 

  • Final verification airtightness testing 

  • Water leakage diagnostic investigation

  • Building envelope remediation inspection.

North York Women's Shelter

Client: North York Women's Shelter

Date: October 2019

Services Rendered:

  • Construction-phase airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services.

Ten York

Client: The Residence of Ten York

Date: March and August, 2018

Services Rendered: 

  • Compartmentalization airtightness testing

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Client: Engineering Link Incorporated

Date: April 2020

Services Rendered:

  • Guarded airtightness testing evaluation. 

Church Street, Toronto

Client: Toronto Community Housing

Date: May 2018

Servies Rendered:​​

  • Whole building airtightness testing 

  • Guarded floor airtightness testing

Wellesley Street

Client: LCL Builds

Date: October, 2019

Services Rendered:​​

  • Window air and water leakage evaluation. 

One Bloor

Client: Tucker Hirise

Date: April 2018

Services Rendered:

  • Compartmentalization airtightness testing 

Hurontario Street

Client: LCL Builds

Date: May 2020

Services Rendered:

  • Window air and water leakage evaluation. 

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