Capital Regional District Rebate Program

The Capital Regional District Rebate Program allows homeowners to get a fully-subsidized EnerGuide Evaluation, which normally costs $450.

This evaluation allows our Energy Advisors to provide a customized plan for energy efficiency improvements, helping you to reduce your carbon offset and save on energy bills.


As an NRCan-licensed Service Organization, we combine our experience and expertise to move towards a zero carbon future. Through the Capital Regional District Rebate Program, we make EnerGuide Evaluations possible – and fully subsidized.

To get approved for both rebate programs, there are two steps to the application process:


  1. Register for the rebate program through the Bring It Home 4 The Climate website.

  2. Once registered, you will receive an email where you will then apply for the Home Energy Evaluation subsidy by CleanBC. When applying for this subsidy, use the following contact information in your application:

Name: Deva Veylan

Company name: Coefficient Building Science

Email address:

Phone number: 250-714-8098


Normally, you will be registered within 48 hours of applying. We will be notified once you’ve been approved for both the rebates and subsidy, and we will contact you to book a free evaluation.

Why Get an EnerGuide Evaluation? 

The Energuide Evaluation helps you better understand unusually high energy use in your home and the best efficiency upgrade path so that you can move towards a net-zero building. This evaluation takes approximately 2.5 hours and is free when approved for two rebate programs through Bring It Home 4 The Climate and CleanBC. Along with the EnerGuide energy evaluation, we provide you with a free airtightness test and thermal infrared scan. 


Who is Eligible? 

Anyone who lives in the Capital Regional District is eligible to apply for the program. This area includes 13 municipalities across three electoral regions, such as the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area on Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island Electoral Area, and Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area.

Click here to view eligibility requirements.

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