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We are driven by a passion for building science and leverage our expertise and experience to help your building perform.

From low-energy design consulting, to airtightness testing and consulting, to deficiency identification and remediation consulting, we take a practical approach to ensuring your new or existing project or home performs at its best.

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Key Services

Building Science Consulting Services  

  • As building science experts, we take a calculated and science-based approach to ensure that our clients are successful in achieving their project goals of high-performance structures. 

  • We apply building science principles to building designs that take into account occupant comfort, material science, indoor air quality, and energy conservation. 

  • Contact us to find out how building science consulting could be applied to your project.

Thermal IR 

  • A thermal infrared inspection is a method of diagnosing a building to identify deficient insulation, locate sources of air leakage, and determine the source of water leakage entry points.


Deficiency Inspections

  • We are construction experts that focus on four critical barriers when we inspect a project - the weather barrier, air barrier, vapour barrier and thermal barrier. 

  • Site inspections are performed to ensure that deficiencies are addressed while they can still be accessed, saving up to 80% on home warranty call-backs.

Thermal Bridging Analysis

  • Managing thermal bridging is an important aspect of maintaining effective R-values and reducing the risk of condensation occurring within or on the surface of construction assemblies. We perform thermal bridging analysis on construction and glazing assemblies.

Renewable Energy Consulting

  • As we move towards net-zero buildings, we need to incorporate renewable energy systems to make this feasible. Achieving net-zero is a balance of building envelope, mechanical systems, and renewable energy.

  • We provide consulting on which on-site renewable energy systems are available and applicable to your project.

Blower Door Airtightness Testing and Consulting  

  • An airtightness test is able to measure the air leakage rate through the building envelope that is a result of deficiencies in the air barrier system. 

  • We work with construction teams to plan the feasibility of an airtightness test, consult on the installation methods of air barrier system to ensure continuity, and help identify issues that could lead to a deficient air barrier system. We believe that time spent planning will equate to a lesser amount of time performing repairs and rework to make the system work.

EnerGuide Rating Services

  • CoEfficient is a nation-wide Service Organization licensed through Natural Resources Canada to deliver EnerGuide Rating Services. 

  • Contact us to find out how an EnerGuide Rating can be incorporated to your upcoming project.

Heat Gain and Loss Calculations for Heating System Sizing

  • The effectiveness of the building envelope will determine the balance of heat loss and heat gains the building will be experiencing. 

  • We perform energy modeling to calculate the heat loss and gain, with optimization as an optional service, to help determine which size and type of mechanical systems will be most effective on your project.

Hygrothermal Condensation Risk Analysis

  • A hygrothermal analysis studies the thermodynamic profile of a construction assembly as a whole. The performance is impacted by factors such as the thermal resistance, permeability, and thickness of each component in the assembly. A hygrothermal analysis will assess the risk of dewpoints and condensation in wall assemblies and provide insight into issues such as mold growth and decay.


Site Training

  • Passive design principles are based on the concept that we should design our buildings to utilize as much energy from our environment as possible before using mechanical systems to operate our buildings. Some of these principles include the location and size of glazing systems that capture radiant solar energy in winter months and provide shade in summer months, natural ventilation to assist with cooling, and airtight construction that create a more healthy and energy efficient home. 

  • We are passive house consultants that can help you design your upcoming passive project and manage the certification process.

Effective R-Value Calculations for Building Assemblies

  • Construction assemblies on a whole are often derated from the clear wall insulation value due to thermal bridges that are part of the structure. For most accurate energy modeling results we calculate effective R-values for construction assemblies.

Passive Design Consulting

  • We understand that there can be a disconnect between what’s shown on a construction detail and what that means for constructability. Achieving a high-performance project is not business as usual.

Services are available in the following communities:

Vancouver Island

Victoria, Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Tofino, Parksville, Courtney/Comox, Port Alberni, Port Hardy, Campbell River


Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Red Deer, Calgary

Lower Mainland

Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford


Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Don't see your community on the list? Contact us directly for more information.


Residential Portfolio

Chester Hill Road, Toronto

​Services Rendered: 

  • Energy modeling consulting for energy efficiency optimization.

  • Construction assembly hygrothermal analysis.

  • Construction-phase airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services. 

Pauline Avenue, Toronto

​Services Rendered: 

  • Building deficiency inspection to identify the cause of mold on interior of building.

  • Airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services.

Shennamere Road, Port Carling

​Services Rendered: 

  • Construction-phase airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services.

Lyndhurst Avenue, Toronto

Services Rendered 

  • Energy modeling consulting for energy efficiency optimization

  • Airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services.

Cleaver Drive, Oakville

​Services Rendered: 

  • Construction-phase airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services.

Brunswick Avenue, Toronto

​Services Rendered: 

  • Construction-phase airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services.

Sooke Road, Victoria

​Services Rendered: 

  • EnerGuide Rating Service energy modeling and airtightness

  • Advanced analysis of excessive electricity consumption

Manly Dr., Prince Edward County

​Services Rendered: 

  • Construction-phase airtightness testing and diagnostic consulting services.

Arunachalum House, Kapaa, Kauai

​Services Rendered: 

  • Low-energy design consulting

  • Renewable energy systems consulting

  • Embodied carbon analysis

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